Labs for Social Network Analysis using R (with Dan McFarland, Mike Nowak, and Sean Westwood) – Adaptation of Dan McFarland’s labs for Social Network Analysis to R (most labs previously relied on UCINet).

ImageMetrics  R package to analyze image data, designed to facilitate analysis described in “Bias in the flesh.” Package vignette available here.

wvioplot An R package to produce violin plots with weighted data, which
allows the visualization of the distribution of a quantitative variable
along with its quartiles and a measure of central tendency. A violin
plot is a combination box plot and kernel density plot.

triads with Sean Westwood, Mike Nowak, and Dan McFarland. An R package to determine node-level triad type membership for the 16 types of triads that occurr in a directed network. Based on SAS code developed by James Moody.

NetCluster with Mike Nowak,  Sean Westwood and Dan McFarland. An R package to facilitate network clustering and evaluation of cluster configurations.

NetData with  Sean Westwood, Mike Nowak and Dan McFarland. This package contains all data needed for Dan McFarland’s SNA R labs.


Open IAT/bIAT (with Sean Westwood) – Web application that implements the Implicit Associations Test and brief Implicit Associations Test, based on JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL.


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